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Hi, my name is Robert Koncal and I am very happy to have this opportunity to blog and share my experiences with you about aspects of karate:  such as preparation, training and competition.

I am the owner and chief instructor of Kachi Karate Schools, which is a part of the Seiwakai group. Our dojo is located in Europe, Slovakia and most recently (a year ago) we opened up several dojos on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

I started to practice karate at the age of seven and most of my training was aimed for sport karate. I was very active and competed in many national and international competitions around the world. Unfortunately, at the age of 22, I had a bad injury which ended my career. Since then, I directed my love, energy and passion of karate and competitions to coaching. During the same time I established and founded Kachi Karate Dojo in Nitra, Slovakia. It took a few years to build my competition team but my students and I all worked very hard where we captured many titles and received outstanding results. After four years, my dojo became the most successful dojo in Slovakia. With the exceptional results of my students (results from top championships are listed below), I was asked to become a National Coach for the Slovak Junior and Senior National Teams. In 2006~2008, I was honored and presented as the “Most Successful Coach” and also awarded “Coach of the Year” because of my dojo being ranked #1. In 2011, I relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii and expanded the Kachi Karate Schools and opened a few dojos there.

My first contact with Shihan Leo Lipinski and Seiwakai was in 1993 in Slovakia where he taught a seminar. Since then, I have become a member of the Seiwakai Organization and I am very excited to see all the progress this organization has made and the direction that it is going.

In my blog I would like to write more about sport karate, my experiences in preparing for elite competitions and all other aspects of karate and tips for dojos. If you have any ideas or questions about karate, preparation or performance, please feel free to contact me.



Results of my students

Monika Visnovska, European Champion kumite (senior division)
Monika Visnovska, World University Champion kumite
Matej Urik, World University Championship medalist kata
Matej Urik, European University Champion kata
Alexandra Chovancova, World Championship kumite medalist (cadet division)
Monika Visnovska, European Championship kumite medalist (senior division)
Alexandra Chovancova, European Championship kumite medalist (cadet divison)
Ivana Visnovska, World Championship kumite medalist (junior division)
Ivana Visnovska, European Championship kumite 4th place (senior division)
Matej Urik, European Championship kata 4th place (senior division)

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