JKF London 2012

I would like to give you up to date information (see the the attachment) for our JKF GOJUKAI EUROPE LONDON SEMINAR which will be taking place in October 2012. As always England SEIWAKAI is the host and as always I pre-sponsor the seminar.

So far we are having a very good response from outside England, with for example 13 coming from Russia, at least 10 from Poland and I believe a good number from Hungary. I would like all our SEIWAKIA INTERNATIONAL members to support this. It will be a great learning opportunity.

Some of you have already been taught by Sato Sensei. He came to England a number of years ago teaching at Bisham Abbey. For those who were in Japan this July he was also teaching at the JKF GOJUKAI Seminar. Takagawa Sensei will be new for most of you but I can assure you he is a very capable teacher.I believe 2 of his sons are in the Japan National Kumite team. Of course you all know our own Sensei, Fujiwara Seiichi.

Some of you may ask why Fujiwara Sensei is not noted as an official of the Kata Instructing Committee. I will explain. He was a member of the Kata Instructing Committee. In fact was on that committee before either of the other two teachers. When he was appointed Chairman of the Overseas Committe for JKF GOJUKAI he was unfortunately not able to be on both committees. This is a GOJUKAI rule. A great pity I would say.

Those of you who are planning to attend the seminar, from England or Europe or elsewhere, please post your intention to attend on the events section of our Facebook Group that has been in place a long time. See Events and JKF GOJUKAI EUROPE SEMINAR.

Also please email me that you will be attending as I will open a special file for this. Finally please let me know if you wish to attend the dinner on the Saturday night (6th October) at the Artista Resaurant. BOOK EARLY as spaces will be limited.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in London.

Click JKF London 2012 to download the pdf for more information.

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